Intimate DJ Session on a Stage Bus stage surrounded by musical instruments
Performance at Night on the Truck Stage

The Stage Bus is an event production company based in Birmingham, who provide innovative mobile stages across the UK. Our quirky, vehicle-based stages are powered by the sun and their onboard batteries means they can power events day and night. With full sound and lighting facilities included, the reduced set-up times for our stages also make them some of the most cost-effective solutions available.


We have five stages available, ranging from the most cost-sensitive stage up to the largest solar-powered mobile stage in the UK. By having fully integrated stages built into vehicles that don’t need to be built on-site, set-up can be as short as twenty minutes, reducing our overheads.


Our stages are fully integrated, so they don’t need to be built on-site, keeping both time and labour to a minimum, while also saving the need to liaise with multiple contractors. By looking at every aspect of power consumption, we have been able to approach energy efficiency on a completely new level compared to traditional set-ups, this means our stages do not need any external power supply and can work from a battery charged solar power system for up to 8 hours.


The Stage Bus has been providing services for the past decade, and our professional crew has more than sixty years staging and technical experience between them. Our stages have had full Health and Safety appraisals and are fully documented, and we are also covered by a full and substantial public liability insurance.


We have six vehicle based stages available for hire; The Truck Stage, The Stage Bus, The Truck Junior,  The M Stage, The Camper Stage and our newest additions The Snail Stage we can also provide a variety of other event services.

We realise we use a lot of technical jargon on our website, so if you’re not sure of anything please check out the glossary of terms on our frequently asked questions page and if you’re still not sure you can always contact our friendly sales team for help and advice.


Andrew Teverson posing in front of The Stage Bus


Andrew is the brains behind the whole operation and started the company in 2006 when he designed and developed The Stage Bus based on his university dissertation.  He is currently responsible for design and development within the company.

Andrew regularly crews and manages events, acting as both sound and lighting engineer.  He also has a talent problem solving and repairing just about anything whatever the circumstances!

Andrew loves vintage vehicles and as a child dreamed of owning his own double decker bus, combined with having been involved with sound and lighting since he was at school this winning combination has led to the success of the company!



Sarah joined us in 2017 after leaving a 10 year long career as a childrens nurse.  Ready for a change she initially took over the financial side of the business and has now developed her role to cover office management.  On other occasions Sarah can be found supporting the crew on events and learning about all aspects of the business.

A fan of performing arts, when not busy in the office, Sarah can be found pursuing hobbies including singing and Ballroom and Latin dancing.  With a passion for making things Sarah has experience of many craft activities such as making her own clothes and jewellery.

Ella - website photo


Having joined the team in 2018 Ella is not only contacting clients and completing paperwork for all our bookings but also heading up our social media and communications.

With a background in events organising, mainly vintage fairs, Ella trades in vintage online, with a specialist interest in 1960’s clothing and furniture.

She enjoys cooking and eating (but mainly eating!) and loves music, David Bowie being her main obsession!

John Beckerson


John is our multi-skilled technical and organising team member. His role sits between the administration team and the workshop, because he leads on operational readiness for our fleet of stages and co-ordinates their maintenance.

He loves vintage technology and over the years has looked after everything from water wheels and steam engines through to preserved electrical generators. Museums and historic buildings are his great interest and in his free time he is often to be found exploring everything from canals to cold war bunkers.

Bill White


Bill got a taste for touring back in 1986 when he was asked to tour abroad as a lighting technician. On his return, he joined The New Kings Cabaret Theatre in Birmingham as a Stage Manager and stayed for seven years. In 2005, he formed his own production company called “Production FX” allowing him to follow his itchy feet and tour out on the road again, where he enjoyed the challenge of fitting sets on different stages daily. He also designed sets for several international tours, and managed the technical side of each.

In January 2014, he joined the Stage Bus team as a warehouse manager, drawing on his skills in logistics. During the hectic summer, his skills are pushed to the maximum to maintain a semblance of order to the rest of us, of which we are often impressed! Whilst at The Stage Bus, he continues to stay involved with theatre, and enjoys production work in video in his spare time.



With a passion for sound engineering for as long as he can can remember, Adey has 15 years of experience under his belt. He can mix for any musical genre from techno to jazz and everything in between. From the age of 15 he’s been happiest behind a sound desk,  whether DJ-ing or mixing live bands. Some of his favourite Birmingham venues include the Custard Factory, Rainbow Venues, HMV, and the much loved Digbeth Institute, and he’s worked with the Stage Bus nationwide.

“Creating sonic excellence” is his personal motto, and helping people to have a great time!  He won’t stop work until a system is as good as it can be, and his passion for quality audio means he’s a great asset to the Stage Bus team, and to our customers.

Tom Hyland performing on stage


Tom has always been a keen musician and trained as sound engineer at Applestone Studios in Torquay where he grew up. Tom has been involved with live music and events for the past ten years, playing in various bands, promoting nights and organising festivals. Tom looked after entertainment and production at the Vale festival for three years – The UK’s largest student led event of its kind.

He has a strong background in event tech and worked as a freelance sound engineer on The Stage Bus before joining the team full time in February 2010, where he was responsible for our marketing and commercial operations, alongside bookings and enquiries. In 2014, he dedicated his full-time efforts to his band, The Electric Swing Circus, but continues to care for event programming for The Stage Bus, filling our stages with great acts with whom to entertain and engage. He is a very smiley chap, speaks fluent French and loves meeting new people.