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The Stage Bus is an event production company based in Birmingham, who provide innovative solar powered mobile stages across the UK. Our quirky, vehicle-based stages are powered by the sun and their onboard batteries means they can power events day and night. With full sound and lighting facilities included, the reduced set-up times for our stages also make them some of the most cost-effective solutions available. We also help organize several events thoughout the year including the Swingamajig festival, the UK’s leading electro-swing festival.

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We have several stages available, ranging from the most cost-sensitive stage up to the largest solar-powered mobile stage in the UK. By having fully integrated stages built into vehicles that don’t need to be built on-site, set-up can be as short as twenty minutes, reducing our overheads.


Our stages are fully integrated, so they don’t need to be built on-site, keeping both time and labor to a minimum, while also saving the need to liaise with multiple contractors. By looking at every aspect of power consumption, we have been able to approach energy efficiency on a completely new level compared to traditional set-ups, this means our stages do not need any external power supply and can work from a battery charged solar power system for up to 8 hours.


The Stage Bus has been providing services for over a decade, and our professional crew has more than eighty years staging and technical experience between them. We are known for our “can do” attitude, and stress free operation even when plans on the day end up having to change.

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