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Outdoor Stage hire with a difference…

We have designed stunning mobile stages using innovative thinking to make these some of the most efficient and sustainable outdoor stages available.

Our Mobile Stages Are…

Fast and Easy.

Our stages arrive in one vehicle and can be set up in under an hour in most cases.


From cute and quirky to showstopping, people remember our stages for the right reasons.

Cost Effective.

Our prices are “all-in” and we don’t surprise you with any hidden costs.


Sometimes things aren’t on the level. Not with us! Our vehicles self level on any terrain. Cool, huh?


All our vehicles are solar powered and turn up charged, ready for 8 hours of use.


We’ll discuss your requirements and we’ll send all the lighting, PA and sound system. Need backline? We can sort it. Need a catwalk? We’ve got them.

we’re great for:

There’s A Perfect
Stage For You:

The Truck Stage.

The Truck Stage is the largest member of our fleet. It can cater to almost any form of entertainment and is suitable for audiences of up to 8000 people! To our knowledge, it is the largest solar-powered mobile stage in the UK.

The Midi Truck Stage.

The M Stage is one of our medium size stages. It offers a wider space than the Camper Stage or Stage Bus suitable for larger acts such as large bands or choirs and will play out to 1500!

The Stage Bus.

– The Stage Bus is not just another stage, this unique and quirky design can really add character and value to your event and will play out to 2500. In short, it’s a stage in a double decker bus!

The Stage Box

a slick unit that de-mounts from its vehicle and can be fully-branded which makes it a great choice for corporate events. This one plays up to 2500.

The Camper Stage.

The Camper Stage is our smallest and most cost effective stage, built into an iconic 1971 Ford Transit. As with our larger stages it can accommodate most forms of entertainment, including a full band. Camper will play to 500.

The Snail Stage

The Snail Stage is a DJ booth in a tin snail (aka, a classic Citroen 2CV). This quirky and original performance space has a booth large enough to fit a pair of CDJs or 1210s and a mixer.

are we any good?

yes, that’s why we’re trusted by: