Putting Sustainability Centre Stage

The Stage Bus aren’t band wagon jumpers when it comes to sustainability – we’ve been green since our inception in 2007!

Our stages are designed and manufactured with the environment in mind. From our solar-powered batteries to our zero-to-landfill warehouse policy we are, to our knowledge, the most eco-friendly mobile stage supplier in the UK. We use our design skills and engineering know-how to create mobile stages using vintage vehicles that would otherwise have been consigned to the scrapheap (we estimate that we have rescued around 75 tonnes of vehicle weight from landfill – that’s the equivalent of 7 and a half double decker buses!)

Our stages use around 10% of the power needed to run a traditional stage which really helps put a dent in green targets! On top of our minimal power requirements, our stages arrive in one vehicle (with the exclusion of The Snail Stage) with one crew member. Traditional stages typically take several vehicles and crew to transport them and whilst we are ready to go in around an hour from arrival on site, our competitors are left miles behind erecting scaffolding which can take up to two days and several crew, which bumps up manpower and therefore costs and carbon footprint.

We have a team of clever engineers in-house who maintain all of our equipment and this means that when things break, we are able to mend rather than replace which cuts down our contribution to the damaging consumer cycle therefore cutting down on manufacturing and fuel.

Re-imagining, re-purposing and re-using is our passion and this is reflected not only in our clever green stages; our premises are also run sustainably. We have recently converted our electric supply to solar and our office is heated using waste timber from workshop projects.

In addition to our practical sustainable practices, we offer an ethical working environment. We actively employ neuro-diverse individuals, offer flexible working, encourage our staff to engage in other creative projects and pay in-line with the national living wage. We also offer work to inexperienced freelancers who might otherwise be unable to find paid work in the industry.

We are aiming to offset our transportation carbon emissions by way of membership to an accredited carbon offset scheme by the end of 2022.