Cute and quirky, Camper is small but still packs a punch.

You’ll love this stage.

The Camper Stage is arguably one of the most attractive small stages available. Built into an iconic Mk1 Ford Transit this is our smallest and is very cost effective.
The camper stage is fully solar powered and has a PA system which will cover up to 500 people.

The camper stage is ideal for sites where space is limited. Its super fast set up times makes it the ideal choice when time is an issue (such as events requiring city centre road closures). The current record for set up is 15 minutes, from arriving on site to the band playing!

Designed as a scaled-down version of a full festival stage, The Camper Stage uses a fold out design that can accommodate a full band, while providing a professional set-up for audiences of up to five hundred people. Solar power means that the stage is not only ecologically friendly, but totally silent.

The onboard batteries provide a runtime of up to eight hours, and also mean that your audience doesn’t need to go to sleep when the sun does! The stage is also very easy to brand.

There is a full LED lighting system installed, which brings focus and drama to a performance. We also use professional, modular PA for the highest quality sound, while still being able to tailor the system for the events needs.

All our stages come with £10,000,000 public liability insurance, full method statement, risk assessment, electrical and PUWER certification. We are used to working with local authorities and we come as standard with all the paperwork that is required.

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Tech specs.

Our standard unit specs are as follows (but remember that we can create bespoke spec units to your requirements)

• PA system suitable for audiences of up to 500 people.
• Fully controlled lighting rig
• 32 channel digital sound desk with remote ipad control
• 4 way monitor mix for performers to hear themselves
• Suitable for bands of up to 8 people
• Suitable for choirs of up to 20 people
• Full set up from 30 minutes
• Will run for 8 hours with no external power
• Comes with 1 engineer as standard

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