Our largest stage is The Truck Stage.  We also have 3 medium sized stages; The Stage Bus, The Truck Junior and The M Stage.  Our smallest stage is The Camper Stage.

The images below show the dimensions of each of the vehicles and stages.

Our stages can travel anywhere in the world! Provided there is space to drive the chosen vehicle on site we are able to bring a stage to your event!

We are based in Birmingham and will drive anywhere within the UK, we will also consider events further afield, however this will increase the transport costs.

Transport costs are priced on an individual basis depending on the vehicle you chose and the distance from our base in Birmingham, this will be included in the quote we send when you enquire.

Yes, though how successfully depends on the state of the grass! Providing the ground is well drained (not boggy), fairly flat and firm we should have no problem.

When set up all of our stages are freestanding and so can be set up equally successfully on grass and on hard surfaces.

Please be aware of low hanging branches as our stages are tall structures and will need space when is position.

All our stages are fully solar powered and can run off their own battery supply for up to 8 hours.

If you require power for other concessions we are able to provide a generator at an additional cost, please discuss this when making your enquiry.

There are several options of branding we can display on and around the stages.  Please contact us for suggestions, sizes details.

At The Stage Bus we are very conscious of our environmental impact, and have an environmental policy to manage it. A truck is often perceived as a high fuel consumer, but the efficiency our stages results in fuel reductions and a lower carbon emission rate when compared to the 2 or 3 vehicles that would otherwise be used if you hire a stage, sound and lighting from elsewhere.

Our stages are fully solar powered and all the electronics are geared up to be as efficient as possible. Most of the lighting is LED and the PA system is very efficient.  Our stages all use less than 10% of the power an equivalent stage would use.

Please contact us if you have any particular concerns.

All our stages are designed to be fast deploy.  The exact amount of time will depend on which stage you book and what kind of acts you have.

All of our stages can be setup in under an hour (from arriving on site to the first performance on stage).  The Camper Stage holds the record for our fastest setup time of just 15 minutes!

Yes, we do offer discounts for multiple bookings made at one time as this reduces our administration costs.

Please get in touch for more details.

All our tech equipment is built into the stage to allow for fast setup times.  Whilst we can remove excess equipment from the stages we are not able to offer a discount for this.  However, if you wish to supply any of your own equipment please contact us and we do our best to accommodate this.

No.  Our vehicles are all set up so that our crew are able to sleep on the vehicles.  We do however ask that you provide access to toilet facilities during this time.

If for any reason our crew are not able to remain on the vehicles overnight (such as security restrictions on site) then we would ask that you provide alternative accommodation.

Yes, this is usually not a problem provided you can supply details of where we can park overnight and crew are able to sleep on the vehicles. Please be aware we may need to arrive late at night, especially if we are coming directly from another event, however we will discuss this with you when you book.




UK manufacturer of stage lighting

Behringer X32 with Ipad control


this is the make of sound desk we use, it can be controlled remotely from an Ipad



lights which point directly at the audience and are used to create special effects



a unit for measuring noise output

DI Box

Direct Input Box

an adapter box which allows you to plug electronic instruments (guitars, keyboards, etc) directly into the sound desk


Front Of House

this refers to anything viewed from the audiences perspective

Front Light Battons


lights directed onto the stage so the audience can see the performers


Light Emitting Diode

a very efficient type of lamp

LED Head


a type of special effects light with a moving head used to create light effects on the stage

Long Throw


a design of speaker designed to cover large areas

Mic Stand


a stand to hold the microphone for singers/compares/etc

Mid High


a speaker designed to make middle and high range frequencies



a cable which enables you to control the sound and light from the front of house position

PA System

Public Address System

this refers the speaker system

Pixel Pad


coloured lights on the back of the stage which provide special effects to give presence and atmosphere to your event

Planar Wave Subs

a design of bass speaker for large areas

Renkus Heinz

manufacturer of high end, professional PA systems


Red, Green, Blue

this light has all 3 colour sources which can be mixed to create any colour you choose

Shure Beta 52 / PG56

microphones used to amplify drums and other percussion instruments

Shure Beta 57 / SM57 / AKG C1000

microphones used to amplify instruments

Shure Beta 58 / SM58

microphones for use by singers

Sub / Subwoofer

speakers designed for creating bass frequencies

Visual Productions Cuelux

professional lighting control software used to control the stage lights

Wedge Monitors

speakers which are positioned on stage to point towards the band, enabling them to hear themselves play

Wireless Mic

vocal microphones which to not need to be connected to the sound desk by a wire